It’s spring time!

Spring starts on the 1st of March and ends on the 1st of June. In spring a very common flower comes out. The flowers are called daffodils. You can also plant spring flowers in your garden.

You plant spring flowers in December, but if it’s just one day late that’s OK.

Remember to look out for daffodils!

By Molly

Remembrance Memorial Visit

On Tuesday, Delabole School went to the memorial service to remember people who died in the war both ww1 and ww2. We all enjoyed our serious yet educational 2 minutes silence for all our brave and honerable soldiers who served for us. Althought it was poor weather, we still enjoyed are memorable visit. Reverend Dixon gave a very important and factual speech of who served in the war and we all hope we will be learning more about world war in the future. Calum and Phoebe carefully and gracefully  laid a poppy wreath on the statue.